ATP-trading represents following products

Hull and deck

Anchors and anchor chain cables
G.J. Wortelboer Jr. B.V., Holland

Aerators, valves
Industrias Ferri SL, Spain

Anti heeling systems
Hoppe Bordmesstechnik GmbH, Germany

Deck cranes to 100 tnm
Industrias Ferri SL, Spain

Lutz-Aufzüge GmbH, Germany

Fin stabilizers
SKF Blohm+Voss Industries GmbH, Germany

Hatch covers, RoRo car decks and ramps...
MACOR Marine GmbH, Germany

Lashing equipment, pollards, fairleads...
TEC Container, S.A., Spain

Rudders (Becker and Schilling)
Becker MarineSystem, Germany

Steeldoors A-60
Libra-Plast A/S, Norway

Tank washing machines and ventilators
Dasic Marine Ltd., Great Britain

Towing hooks
Industrias Ferri SL, Spain

Wires, ropes and rigging equipment
Rudolf Seldis (GmbH & Co.), Germany